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Game Air

Game Air is a range of water-based, matte acrylic colors, developed especially for airbrushing. In the formulation of this range various new resins have been selected for qualities which up till now had not been achieved in water-based colors.
The strength, resistance and covering power of Game Air is superior to any acrylic airbrush color currently available and also allows for application by brush to highlight the smallest detail of the miniature.

The pigments have been selected according to their degree of light-fastness and optimum micronization.

The effect of washes and transparencies can be optained by diluting the colors; all colors and varnishes can be mixed together and diluted with Airbrush Thinner.

The color in the range have been selected in collaboration with modelers specialized in fantasy figures and dioramas, and the existing colors in the Game Color range have been taken into particular consideration. The names and shades of the most popular colors of Game Color have been maintained in Game Air, using the formulation and resins employed for Model Air.

In the color chart we include a diagram of the most frequent color combinations: base color, light and shadow.

Surface Primers:
The water-based acrylic-polyurethane primers dry quickly to the touch, and confer a mat, self leveling base coat of extraordinary resistance.
The painting of the model can be continued almost immediately.

Bottles of 17 ml with eyedropper

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