Airbrush Color Createx | Illustration

The Createx Illustration ColorsTM are lightfast. The same high quality pigments are used for Wicked ColorsTM and AutoAir ColorsTM. The decisive difference lies in the resin being used. The illustration paints do not dry into a hard, insoluble surface layer, but rather can be loosened and dissolved by using an ammoniacal glass cleanser. Another important characteristic of the resin is its good erasability, meaning that the artist has full control over exactly what and how much should be erased. In comparison to the very elastic and resistant Wicked ColorsTM, the illustration paints can be very easily removed.
The Createx Illustration Colors can be worked with without being thinned in any manner. They can be sprayed right out of the bottle, at a low pressure, through small nozzles as of size 0.15 mm. As opposed to Wicked Colors, Wicked Detail Colors and Auto Air Colors, which can all be sprayed out of a spray gun, the illustration paints have only been developed for use with airbrushes. They are not suitable for use as a primer. The Createx Illustration Reducer (a thinner with accelerated drying properties) and the Createx Illustration Transparent Base (a thinner or paint without pigments) allow the illustrator to thin the illustration paints as he/she sees fit and to apply them in a manner that is even more transparent, if he/she so wishes. Most artists will be able to work excellently with the non-thinned paint right out of the bottle.
Delayed cross linking: This characteristic makes Createx Illustration Colors unique in comparison to other airbrush paints. It allows the artist to process the paint at different points in times of hardening process. During the slow curing of the paint, the degree of hardness changes as well. Right after the paint is sprayed, it can be easily erased or removed with auxiliary agents, then the paint slowly becomes more resilient and a number of artistic effects can be achieved.
When using a clear coat, we recommend that you use a urethane clear coat. The illustration paints also work very well as Candy paints in the world of custom painting with airbrushes. Spray guns do not provide a satisfactory spray pattern due to the very low viscosity of the paint.

The Createx Illustration Colors have been developed in close collaboration with Dru Blair's 'The Blair School of Art'.

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