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Createx Color is one of the most widely used professional airbrush colors in the world.

It is composed of highly resistant and lightfast pigments durable resins and high-quality ingredients.

The Createx Airbrush Colors work on almost any surface, whether cloth, wood, stone, leather, canvas, plastic, metal, ceramics, clay, brick, plaster, latex, glass or anything else.

The colors correspond to the American standard ASTM 4236th They are water-based, without organic solvents and acc. Swiss toxic class act classified as "gift free class"

Opaque / Opaque | colors with excellent opacity, which are ideal as a primer or as background color, among others. The opaque colors are mixed ready to spray, we recommend a nozzle thickness of min. 0.5 mm at a slightly higher-set air pressure. If you want to work with a device with a smaller nozzle, you can dilute the colors with Createx Illustration base.

Transparent / translucent | Vibrant colors with a large selection. The colors are especially good on a light background and detail work with a small nozzle and small-adjusted air pressure (below 2.0 bar).

Fluorescent colors | Strong glowing neon colors. The colors are perfect on white backgrounds, but are no less lightfast and therefore not very durable. A huge increase in luminosity is achieved under ultraviolet light.

Perlierend | Colors with a subtle shimmering, reflective effect. Inferiority these colors best with opaque white or black.

Iridescent | The effect of Iridescent colors is strongly dependent on the light. -> Note: Colors may vary slightly dependent on the batch

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